Clear Steps.

With Majestic Homes the Process is Simple!

Buying a mobile home, manufactured home, modular home or a prefab home can be a very confusing process. Many of the retailers of these homes specialize in certain areas of business such as delivery and installation, understanding site selection or they really understand the minute differences between various manufacturers of homes. It’s very important that your retailer is well rounded and competent in all areas of mobile home sales in Los Angeles because county, city and unincorporated areas each have their own codes, certain parks and planned communities maintain different rules and regulations and having a solid install team can either make your installation quick and painless or, if they are incompetent, drawn out and painful.

Experience and Expertise is what Majestic Homes Offers.

As one of the largest retailers of mobile homes in Los Angeles with over 500 homes sold, Majestic Homes maintains the knowledge and understanding of all areas of our industry. That’s why we obtain so many of our clients by referral. We help our clients understand the process flow of buying a mobile home from start to finish. On the following pages, we’d like to help you understand more about what we feel are the critical areas of the purchase and installation process that our clients can benefit from understanding.

Mobile Home Sales & Installation Process

Land & Site Selection
Model Selection
Delivery & Installation

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