Land & Site Selection

Where do You Want to Live? All about Site Selection.

Many of our clients know exactly where they want to live but need assistance choosing the right home for the right environment. Others know the type of home they want but need assistance in choosing the right park, development or private lot. In either case Majestic Homes can help. The first step in the process depends on where you intend to live. If you want to live in a mobile home park in the Los Angeles area, chances are we’ll know what homes can be installed there. If not, we’ll find out for you. If you want to live in a planned community that caters to larger manufactured and modular homes we will help you find the perfect environment for your new home. Or, if you are interested in a custom modular or prefab home, we can help you find the perfect private lot, perform due diligence on zoning restrictions and necessary permits and assist you in finding the perfect available lot. If you already own land that you intend to develop on, we can help you understand zoning and permitting steps required and help you select the perfect model to fit your needs.

Step Two: Model Selection

Once you’ve selected a site and understand exactly what the requirements for the site are, you can then move on to selecting the perfect model from our wide variety of manufacturers we represent.

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Model Selection
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